Uttarakhand, the hill station state in northern India bordered by the Himalayas, also known for its rich Hindu religious pilgrimage destinations. Rishikesh, the town of Uttarakhand, was famously made famous by the Beatles (1968 tour). The town also hosts the annual evening Ganga Aarti on the Sacred Ganges River. The most visited Indian state by the ecotourism enthusiasts is Uttarakhand. The state’s vast forest areas, beautiful hills and lakes, rich flora & fauna and amazing mountain sightseeing have made it the favored destination for adventure tourism.


Apart from the state tourism, Uttarakhand has many other adventure sports that you can enjoy during your stay here. The popular sport activities in Uttarakhand are trekking, rafting, skiing & snowboarding, angling, cycling, hiking, mountaineering & kayaking and adventure sports like hot air ballooning, trekking, river rafting, parasailing, windsurfing, paragliding, yachting & deep sea diving. Uttarakhand is a perfect place for all outdoor sports lovers. The karst hills and plateaus of the state are also very famous among tourists, who love to enjoy the natural beauty of the place.